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30% with 10 lines of code!

Sell virtual goods outside your mobile game

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Instant web shops with no extra work

Get a twin of your game's store that can dynamically adapt to your player statistics. No implementation effort required, we will port your game's monetization to the web.

They're your customers that you paid to acquire. Keep more of each sale.

Fully compliant
with App Store rules

Leverage Discord, SMS, Telegram, or WhatsApp to inform players about your game's alternative storefront. Use our API to link phone numbers to game identities for seamless checkout with low friction. Automatically engage your top players with exclusive offers at the perfect moment.

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5% + 30¢

Transaction cost. That's it.

Sell in-game items and currencies with a fraction of the normal fee. Offer your players lower prices or bonus goods! We recommend doubling quantities received to incentivize your external store.


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