Earn more by selling directly to your mobile players with a web-based shop!

Cut out Apple/Google's 30% fee with ten lines of code!

Published Monday, November 7, 2022

We're proud to launch EconomyKit: we help build player economies that make more money. We provide infrastructure supporting items, currencies, trading, shops, and more!

What are EconomyKit Shops? #

EconomyKit Shops are a bolt-on solution to sell virtual goods directly to your customers via a web-based shop. This allows you to earn more without impacting existing in-app purchase flows.

We're dedicated to helping you move fast. Unlike our competitors, we guarantee zero extra work for your software engineers. Our team will:

  1. Meet with you and learn about your unique monetization strategy
  2. Implement a web-based shop for your game
  3. Set up community integrations for Discord, SMS, WhatsApp, or Telegram
  4. Provide ready-to-use code that can be imported into Unity or other engines

What does the user experience look like? #

EconomyKit does not interfere with the player's experience or your existing in-app purchase flows. The user flow for interacting with an EconomyKit shop via Discord is as follows:

  1. Player is incentivized to join game's community. For example, an in-game modal stating "Join our Discord community for a free 200 gems!"
  2. Player links account and receives reward. Once inside the community Discord, a bot messages the user asking for a "link code" (provided by EconomyKit SDK for developers to display in app). The user copy-pastes it and gets their prize! The player's game identity and Discord account are now linked.
  3. Player is sent magic link for EconomyKit web shop. When triggered (e.g. one day after linking), the Discord bot sends the player a shop link with their user ID embedded in it. The user can seamlessly buy items without logging in.
Example of player receiving web shop promotion

The flow is nearly identical for SMS. Instead of joining a Discord server, the user is prompted to message a specific number.

Why is EconomyKit's approach allowed? #

Last year, amid antitrust concerns and Cameron v. Apple, Apple updated their App Store Review Guidelines to include the following:

3.1.3 Other Purchase Methods: The following apps may use purchase methods other than in-app purchase. Apps in this section cannot, within the app, encourage users to use a purchasing method other than in-app purchase, except as set forth in 3.1.3(a) ["Reader" Apps]. Developers can send communications outside of the app to their user base about purchasing methods other than in-app purchase.

EconomyKit is the first product to help studios both create and promote their web shop compliantly.

EconomyKit is supported by years of precedent #

EconomyKit's only utilizes patterns which have a strong precedent of being allowed by Apple and Google:

Why is EconomyKit's approach allowed when Spotify's wasn't? #

If you follow in-app purchase drama, you've likely seen news about Spotify's failed attempt to use email to notify users about external purchasing options. You may be wondering how EconomyKit is different.

Spotify's mistake was having a button in their app that immediately triggered an email containing a checkout link. To the App Store reviewers this was a obvious circumvention of the rules. Additionally, Spotify directly mentioned external payment methods inside their app, which is a big no-no.

EconomyKit does not mention alternative payments inside the app. All promotion occurs once the user has joined a community channel Apple cannot control. Promoting a game's presence on Discord or other social platforms with apps is allowed.

Pricing #

EconomyKit charges 5% + 30ยข on each transaction. We process credit cards via Stripe.

Interested in earning more from your games? #

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